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Mobile Edge for CRM

Swift MEAP, formerly Mobile Edge, is a high performance, scalable, secure mobile platform. The SwiftMEAP J2EE server allows for thousands of devices/users to be easily managed and deployed.  The SwiftMEAP Client Apps automatically download and synchronize data so that the application responds instantaneously, even when you are completely out of network coverage and off line. SwiftMEAP's security has been heavily tested and is very secure, off-line data is encrypted and communication between devices and the SwiftMEAP server utilises SSL and can be over your existing VPN.

The “True Native Apps” provided by Swift MEAP (formerly Mobile Edge) can be configured in our middleware using only a web browser and can quickly and easily deployed to iOS, Android and BlackBerry devices. Although SwiftMEAP can support HTML5 it is not an HTML5 solution so there is no need to build or code your mobile app in any way. These True Native Apps are unicode multilingual and so automatically display the application in the appropriate language for the user. In addition they provide incredible performance and are able to leverage the core features of the underlying device in unprecedented ways.

SwiftMEAP, formerly called Mobile Edge, can connect to virtually any back end system usesing its web services interface. We support a wide array of connectors out of the box including SAP, Seibel, MS Dynamics, DB2, Oracle DB, CICS and more.  In addition Mobile Edge can leverage your ESB (Enterprise Service Bus) as a conduit for mobility.

Swift MEAP is our one stop solution and provides easy access to the vital information your employees need to drive your business anytime, anywhere.  Learn More


Lotus Notes Connector

The Lotus Notes Connector developed by iEnterprises is an easy to use tool that allows you to instantly synchronize your Lotus Notes Email, Calendar, ToDos and PAB to and from your CRM system.

The plugin can be quickly installed via a wizard-driven installer which is available as a download so you can trial it free of charge before purchase.

The Lotus Notes Connector does everything you need to facilitate seamless integration between Lotus Notes and your CRM system.

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